14448906_10206773822174658_2422248738794685239_nI’m a systematic theologian working out of the evangelical Reformed tradition.

Currently I’m a PhD candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where I study under Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and where I’m also a Hansen Fellow at the Henry Center for Theological Understanding. My dissertation focuses on a dogmatic account of theological paradox as a microcosm of the Creator/creature distinction–specifically how this distinction relates to revelation and the knowledge of God.

Before that, I sat under Oliver O’Donovan at Hogwarts the University of Edinburgh, where I received my MTh in historical theology. Here I wrote on Augustine’s doctrine of original sin while living in the shade of Edinburgh Castle.

Way back in my undergrad days I attended Hogwarts America Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, where I met my wife Mandi and majored in religious studies and philosophy.